About Us

Sweetnsinless: a mere product of a passion and a hobby which came about four years ago when I decided to make a change in my lifestyle. It was Thanksgiving, and I sat on my bed in a food coma after devouring my father’s exquisite Spanish paella, my mother’s sweet arroz con leche, and all the other Venezuelan tequeños in between. I told myself I never wanted to feel like this again. With the click of a button, I created this Instagram blog to hold myself accountable to reach my goal of establishing a healthy equilibrium.

I started documenting my journey through the lens of my iPhone and by spilling my raw thoughts onto my keyboard. A vibrant array of meal recipes, workout videos, and lifestyle and nutrition tips soon began to represent my brand. As I fed my body more nutrients and increased my total daily calorie expenditure, small changes slowly led to vast results. The biggest difference was the way I felt inside. An optimistic mood thrived inside of me, and I looked at the world with a different perspective. 

To others, my content provides inspiration to lead a healthier lifestyle. To me, each and every post represents commitment to my passion. It represents the time I take out of my day to get the perfect angle for a picture of my newest experiment in the kitchen, or to formulate the right words that reveal my advice on what it means to live a balanced life. With the endless amount of support I received from starting this blog, I decided it was right for me to pursue a B.S. in Food Science with a Business Emphasis at Cornell University, and I hope to minor in nutrition.

Over the years, and especially during quarantine, my sister and I have found ourselves experimenting with a wide range of recipes, both salty and sweet. Cooking and baking are not just about nutrition, but they are also our creative outlet. Through trial and error, we have learned that we can enjoy all foods in moderation, with an 80/20 balance of eating whole, natural foods most of the time, but also enjoying our favorite foods when we desire. Thus, “sweet” for the baked goods and fun eats, and “sinless” for the artisanal sourdough loaves, made by my lovely sister, and whole foods. This balance has inspired us to serve you with both options: the original and the healthier.

Sweetnsinless is our mission to deliver exquisite foods to your tastebuds, while keeping our passion alive. We hope you follow us along our journey, as we will strive to innovate the best for you. 


Sabrina & Ana Campos